Balancing faith and integrity

Learning about a fringe lifestyle can be hectic, especially when you hold tightly to your own spiritual perspective.

Being Christian/Catholic while trying to uphold your journalistic integrity is a challenge in itself, with me constantly pondering whether or not to get my information out without upsetting anyone.

With witchcraft, I took the pondering a step further, attempting to make right of what is considered taboo by my people.

What I found is that I was able to do just that, but I also found that this culture has it’s “dark” sides.

This was only natural. In hindsight, all cultures and backgrounds have regrettable and despicable moments. I tried to make justice of these things in the past, but it wasn’t till writing this article that I accepted the wrong that my religion has brought upon the world.

The wars, forced ideas, the excuses.

Is this what my God had intended? One segment in the Bible tells me to love one another no matter what they are, yet another tells me they are abominations and must be condemned to hell.

This article reminded me that those words are written by men, and no matter who they are they have no greater understanding of the supernatural than any other person with a pen and parchment.

It is the action of the person we should judge, not the background.

I have always believed if you had a benevolent soul and do right, you’re doing right in God’s eyes, no matter what your religion or background. It’s times like these where I realize how much I love what I do for helping me be more tolerant and gaining greater understanding.