REVIEW: Aroma Coffee and Tea Co

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co is located at 4360 Tujunga Ave. in Studio City. The cafe is open six days a week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. It opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at the same time on Sundays.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co is a cafe that reminds you of what it means to eat like you’re from Los Angeles. There is no one cuisine that encapsulates the blends in cultures found in one of the most eclectic cities in the world.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co welcomes the cultural differences and executes them adequately.

On a Tuesday evening, the cafe is nearly packed, with a line that extends out of the ordering counter to the sidewalk.

Cashiers, dressed in trendy outfits, welcome customers in through the front doors and take their orders. In classic cafe style, guests are invited to choose their own seating.

The architectural design aspect serves as the prominent force in the cafe’s allurement. It resembles a San Fernando Valley home in the start of the twentieth century with an owner who has a deep appreciation for Renaissance-era sculptures.

It seems at one point the cafe was an actual home that was later converted into a functioning restaurant. When entering, you walk through something similar to a living room then, if you continue, you move outward to the back yard or outdoor dining area.

This design, paired with the layout of the cafe itself, brings a sense of comfort and zen as if you are dining in someone’s Los Angeles home.

The scents weren’t the only thing pleasant about Aroma. The outdoor seating area is surrounded by wild vines and flowers that sprawl from the trees and seep down the restaurant’s walls.

The furniture was similarly eclectic in design as well. Every table and chair in the outdoor dining area had a different aesthetic. Some tables would be circular, others square, but all unique.

With a menu that bears items from tacos to full-sized cakes, the waiter served a turkey pesto panini with curly fries on the side.

The bread of the panini was stiff, like a cracker, but in a good way. This crunchy bread paired greatly with the soft, salty turkey. The pesto sauce aided in the dryness of the sandwich and added a layer of sweetness.

The meal itself was incredibly balanced. Not too much food, but definitely enough. Which prompts guest to order dessert and they have plenty of options.

The mint chocolate cake, though dry, had an icing that was delicate and rich in flavor.

Coming in at just $14-15, Aroma serves as a perfect place for students to grab a bite without breaking the bank.

For students on a budget, water stations are located in various locations throughout the restaurant. This conveys a sense of class to the establishment as a whole, knowing that the owners provide certain hospitalities for their customers.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co is just a short drive away from Pierce College and one of the last hidden and uncommercialized hangout spots near the valley.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co is located at 4360 Tujunga Ave. in Studio City. The cafe is open six days a week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. It opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at the same time on Sundays.

Breakout box:

classic aroma burger made with kobe beef 15.00

caramelized onions, monterey jack, tomato, & mixed baby greens on a brioche bun

turkey pesto panini 14.00

smoked turkey breast, swiss cheese, tomato, & our fresh pesto sauce grilled on focaccia

mediterranean plate 12.50

our hummus and tabbouleh served with greek salad, & whole grain pita bread + balsamic vinaigrette

grilled salmon salad 16.00

grilled salmon, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, with mixed baby greens + balsamic vinaigrette

Mint Chocolate Cake Slice 6.00

Tacos or a bowl? 14.00

avocado + cotija cheese, or guacamole + cheddar, or jack & cheddar cheese

includes homemade spanish rice, & black beans