At peace with meditation

Photo by: Jing Shi


He is sitting on Venice Beach, wearing an orange robe, with the beautiful ocean and sky behind him. He looks like a Buddhist statue, and seems to be spectacular and dignified.

He normally can meditate for five hours. His eyes are half closed, you can see a slight smile on his lips and you can see his soul from his eyes. He speaks slowly. The voice sounds like a light and soft music from the sky, making those around him feel comfortable and peaceful.

He is a Tibetan Buddhist monk Tenzen Lama, 36 years old, a healer, teacher, and writer from Nepal.

Meditation can help people’s mind to be clear, relaxed and focused.

“Being a beginner, you should find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, relax your emotions and find one thing in your mind to meditate on.” Lama said. “Make your heart feel like a drop of water in the immense ocean that nothing can see, so your mind is getting calm, big and empty.”

Lama teaches Reiki healing, which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and Buddhist meditation around the United States.

“When I was only 13 years old, I didn’t like to go to school, but I liked to go to temple. So I became a Tibetan Buddhist monk later”, he said. “Since then, I have studied in a Buddhist monastery in the south of India. Throughout my monastic life, I have received endless philosophical teachings, transmissions and initiations from great Lamas.”

In the monastery, he also gave teachings and took care of the monks who were sick. For the first time, when he saw so many people sick in the hospital, he immediately wanted to become a doctor, but it was impossible to be a monk and doctor at the same time. After that he started taking healing and meditation classes with a Master Lama.

“After only 21 days of practice, my master requested that I start giving Reiki healing sessions in the healing center.” he said. “After I finished training, I felt really happy and fulfilled because I can help people release suffering and pain.” he explained.

In Nepal, Lama used to offer his services and his knowledge in a Reiki healing center, in households, hospitals and other centers dedicated to social services. After finishing his second level of Reiki, he started his healing services at a distance in different parts of the country. After finishing the third level, he started to guide new Reiki practitioners.

“Once my master mentioned to me, ‘You are one of the best healers among a group of 2,000 students’,” Lama said. “This comment meant a lot to me, way more than the certification of graduation.”

In 2005, his master appointed him to be the assistant at the Buddhist centers, in Reiki healing centers, universities, and clinics from different parts of the country. He also learned and exchanged knowledge with Reiki masters and psychologists from Chile. Over the last 10 years, Lama has given Reiki to more than 5,500 people and has taught Reiki to more than 450 students.

How can people reduce the pressures of our daily life?

“You need to wash or shut down your brains, let you have peace, just simple, unending peace. Nothing is in your brain and making yourself empty. You should set aside a period of time every day to have a quiet mind,” he said.

“Many years ago, meditation was not considered something for modern people. Now, meditation is becoming very popular with all types of people. One of the reasons it can help people get in touch with their inner heart and recharge your energy. Another reason it makes people happy and empowers you to accomplish things in the daily life.”

Biwei Liang, who is a student from the meditation class, does the meditation trainings every night. “I like meditation very much because I get lots of benefits from the trainings. It makes me feel young and have more energy,” she said.

Steve Barker is the founder of the site, having moved to the United States from London in 2006. Steve has done the healing arts and his massage therapy training in London for almost 10 years.

He has also studied various forms of energy healing, health and wellness courses and he has trained in Chinese Energetic Healing with Dr. Kam Yuen. He has been teaching the classes such as Sound & Vibration Healing, TaiJi, NeiYang QiGong, Meditation and etc for many years at the BE Energy Center in Woodland Hills.

“Reiki is a scientific healing method that has no side effects. Stress has always been one of the reasons that people are resorting to meditation, unless we try to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings with your mind.” Barker said.

According to both Lama and Barker, any person can learn Reiki and meditation for either self-healing or for healing others.

“Nowadays, we can learn different types of Reiki healing methods but love and compassion form the foundation to any form of Reiki and meditation that you desire to learn,” Lama said. “In my opinion, daily doing meditation is very important. Thus, it clearly frees one from any clutter and distraction. Meditation can the make world peaceful.”

After meditation, Lama stands up, chants the Buddhist words and slowly moves toward the other side of the beach.