Alumnus returns to the gridiron

Kelly Goff

“It was down the street. I wanted to keep playing football,” said former NFL and Pierce College quarterback Erik Kramer, recalling how he came to play for Pierce, where he led the Brahmas to a 10-0 season.

“I also already had a relationship with (former coach) Jim Fenwick, and my mom went to Pierce, so it was a natural choice.”

Following his experience at Pierce, Kramer went on to play for North Carolina State before continuing to a professional career that included five years as quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Following his NFL career, Kramer started working in media, working for Fox Sports Net as a football analyst.

Of his FSN involvement, Kramer said, “I love it. I kind of struggled in the beginning, but it keeps my mind from turning to mush. It kind of just came to me.”

Now back home in Southern California, Kramer lives in Agoura Hills with his wife, Marshawn, and two sons, Griffin and Dylan.

On October 13, at the invitation of quarterback Alexander Pettee, Kramer and his two sons joined the Brahmas for their traditional pre-game breakfast, and chatted with coaches and players.

“Alex invited me up here, and I think that it’s a great thing to continue to be involved,” said Kramer. “I like to help out wherever I can.”

“I also do a couple of football clinics at Agoura High from March to May each year, two separate ones for high school players and younger guys,” he continues.

Former coach Fenwick also assists with Kramer’s clinics.

Both of his sons play football, and he smiles when he thinks about coaching them.

“You know, I read somewhere how even Joe Montana’s boys won’t listen to him when he’s coaching them.

“I think it’s a natural rebellion thing.”

Both of the boys smiled and nodded in agreement with their dad.

While Kramer led Pierce to its best record ever, Pettee led the team to its best record in recent years, and this year also saw the addition of new Head Coach Efrain Martinez.

“There are a lot of talented kids,” said Kramer.

1984 Pierce College quarterback Erik Kramer takes to the air against Valley College Nov.17, 1984. (Roundup file photo)

Fall 2007 Brahma quarterback Alexander Pettee is tackled while advancing with the ball from the 20 yard line against West L.A. College on Oct. 13, 2007. ()

Alexander Pettee ()