Mitra Hoshiar

Sunset at the Malibu Beach shore is a dance of color and light. Birds fly in coordination with ocean waves like a window to paradise. The wind conquers the weak waves of late winter and the sun sinks to the ocean. Playful children run away from their parents while trying to reach out to the waves. Seagulls fly freely, and people relax and enjoy the last hours of Sunday.

Next to the rocks with a light white dress walks Mitra Hoshiar barefoot on the beach. Her footprints disappear as the waves lap over them. The harmony between Hoshiar and nature is even more noticeable as the wind plays with her hair and waves splash water drops on her face.

Hoshiar is an Iranian-American sociology professor at Pierce College. Growing up, she always wanted to become a teacher. She was inspired by her two cousins who were university professors in Iran, and they both encouraged Hoshiar to follow her dreams. After she received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Tehran University, she immigrated to the United States to continue her education. She got her master’s degree and despite many duties, a busy schedule and a full time job as mother of two kids she got her Ph.D.

”We worked together and in the Ph.D. program and on many projects together. She is a hard worker, intelligent, and a very committed person with a good sense of humor,” says Jose-Luis Fernandez, Media arts Department’s Dean.

Hoshiar wears many different hats at Pierce from being the Honors program director to teaching in different platforms such as PACE, online, honors, web enhanced and outreach. She is also the Persian Club Advisor at Pierce.

“I found Mitra Hoshiar so supportive, caring, and energetic. I can tell she is the very first Ph.D. person I’ve ever met in my life with this level of selflessness. She is more than an instructor, she is a true friend and great advisor,” says Shahab Amini, Persian club President, computer Numerical Control Programming student.

Hoshiar is a morning person and as part of her routine, she wakes up at 5 a.m. every day. She starts with a cup of coffee, reads the world news and her emails and then goes to the gym before she’s ready for her job which he loves. “The United State is a beautiful land because you can dream and you can achieve that dream,” she says

As a sociologist and the former chair of Diversity Committee at Pierce, she often emphasizes the beauty of differences in her lectures, and supports her lectures by her experiences and documentaries about different countries and cultures.

Hoshiar describes herself as a hardworking, open-minded and caring individual.

”We are suite mates very close to each other. She is very pleasant, and she is very enthusiastic about teaching,” Says Jennifer Rosenberg, Chair of Communication study department.

Being around students and contributing to their personal, educational and professional growth are her passion. “The world is such a beautiful place and it can be more beautiful by what we put into it,” She says.


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