Marc Dionne

Gamer dream team

After hours of work, the birth of a video game comes to reality for 18-year-old Leilani Toone. Face etched in deep concentration and buried in drawings, moving objects appearing on two computer screens, a short-haired blonde head bobs up from a desk smiling at her partner in crime, her dad.   The game started for […]

 Alan Castro

Los Angeles design, African culture

Along black hooded sweater is laid across the table. Stuck somewhere between a cardigan and a robe in its style, the soft quilted fabric reflects little light due to its semi-matte finish. This contemporary article of clothing draws inspiration from Los Angeles street fashion and the rich heritage of Zimbabwe. At the helm of its […]

 Vanessa Arredondo

Work hard, play harder

Certain characteristics such as height and hair and eye color are determined by a person’s genetic makeup before birth. It has been argued that personality traits like sarcasm or shyness can be passed from parent to child. For BDSM community member Janice Hartz-Pettit, the apple did not fall far from the tree; genetically speaking or […]

 Jeremy Nation

Interactive Reviews Map

Click here for a map to The Bull Magazine’s Fall reviews!

 Jeremy Nation

The Big Blue Truck

Story by: Lynn Levitt The narrow road winds its way through homes, balancing on narrow hillsides. It is easy to get lost. Make a left turn and the road circles to the bottom. Make a right and a big blue truck comes into view. There are no signs on the truck, which indicate construction, handy […]

 Jeremy Nation

On a Wing and a Prayer

One man's dream of flight

Story By: Silvik Hagopian Aviation has come a long way since the Wright brothers first took flight. Though now incorporated into the cycle of modern day life, few can say they’ve flown or been in an open cockpit biplane. Not chafing away the raw experience of flying, there’s something different about seeing the world 360 […]

 Jeremy Nation

From Teens to Marines

Wanting to go to school, but choosing to take action by serving the country first

Story By: Raymond Chavez Rodriguez Jr. In the intense hot heat of the summer day, in the football stadium at Los Angeles Valley College, parents are waiting patiently in the bleachers. The sun continues to beat down on them. They are uncomfortable; they seem to be suspended in a shared state of calm anticipation. The […]