Samantha Bravo

Broad Strokes

Located in downtown LA, The Broad is a contemporary art museum that displays more than 2,000 art works by more than 200 artists. Designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro, founders Eli and Edye Broad wanted to create a museum where they could display the postwar and contemporary art that they collected over the course of […]

 Tanya Castaneda

Walk This Way

Stowed away in an unsuspecting building in downtown Los Angeles, art studios and artists’ lofts fuse into one art district on Main Street. Twice a year, works of art are displayed in the annual Brewery Art Walk event, where the creators have the opportunity to invite visitors into their personal space to allow others to […]

 Marielle Stober

Other Worldly

A half-formed face pieced together from scraps of clay stares at the blanched ceiling—voiceless yet unnerving. Its hollowed eyes gaze upward in a state of perpetual shock while its mouth—prodded and pulled out of alignment—hangs slack-jawed as if it were screaming. Like the many other sketches and sculptures that litter Naomi Nadreau’s modest home, the […]

 Mohammad Djauhari

The Seductive Art

The Seductive Art

Behind the black curtain of Bar One in the San Fernando Valley that keeps her hidden from the crowd, Lola Chan changes from conservative clothing she wore entering the club to her lacy and seductive costume that will be revealed to the waiting patrons. The sound of anticipation grows as the entertainment is about to […]

 Portia Medina

Ancestors Come Alive: The Art of RAH

Ancestors Come Alive: The Art of RAH

His fingers were covered in smudged hues of blue paint with a tangible intensity emanating from his molasses colored eyes. Ramiro Alejandro Hernandez, a.k.a. RAH, puts the finishing touches on an Aztec inspired painting inside the 11:11 temporary art gallery in Canoga Park, Calif. The streets buzz with live music and food trucks as the […]