Letter from the editor


It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there…

Students are inundated with a barrage of media on a daily basis, much of it negative. Unemployment is officially more than 10 percent. The cost of books and tuition are on the

rise, and at the same time, classes are being cut.

As a country, we’re in a couple of military quagmires, home-prices are still down and it looks like it’s going to be a while before we feel any impact of the economy recovering

or see the benefits of a still uncertain healthcare reform.

Oh, well. What are we to do?

We get up in the morning, hope the sky doesn’t fall down on top of us and keep on plugging away. We go to our jobs and our classes and try to eek out a few moments of

personal time to spend with the people we care about. All in the hope that it will get better. And that when it does we’ll be better prepared to strike out at life than we were before.

Here’s the secret.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just stop and focus on [y]our Community — on the people, places and issues right in your own backyard.

Stop and chat with that homeless guy you give a buck to or walk past. Pop into that small business and ask the proprietor how she did it.

At the very least you’ll find a new way to look at life, through their eyes. It might not be for you, but it does teach the lesson that there are infinite ways to deal with life.

There might not be a lot we can do regarding the wars in the Middle East, but we do have local, homegrown issues we can have an impact on.

Speaking of homegrown, are you concerned about all those foreclosure signs on the lawns of your neighborhood, or the more than 200 medical marijuana collectives operating in the San Fernando Valley?

Well, other people are too. And they’re doing something about it.

Consider this issue of The BULL a long overdue introduction to your community. And don’t let a little thing like the language you speak get in the way of that. We’ve printed

the issue in both English and Spanish—so no excuses.

There’s a first time for everything. And an infinite number of ways to get it done.

– Jared Iorio

(Natalie Yemenidjian)

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