Letter from the Editor – Escape


Dear readers,

Our daily lives of pen on paper, foot to pedal, update Facebook — have become an imperishable routine. We are stuck in a rut. With the end of each day we begin to question how much we really have accomplished and debate our next move.

Disoriented, we fade into our own realms.

You need a release, a vacation — an escape.

The Bull has worked hard to produce a magazine this semester that will help distract you from an otherwise painful end to your day. Think of it as a head start to your summer vacation and the adventures you will journey on.

Jeff Sandstoe sheds light on the dark and obscure world of sensory deprivation tanks. Describing his journey, Sandstoe helps paint a visual that helps others better understand the environment and the effects of the service.

The crack of a whip and the sounds of people gagging wake you from the calm, as Jordan Goettling explores the world of sexual masochism and the lengths that people go to achieve their sexual fantasies. But the fairy tales don’t stop there. Laura Corral describes a land where age and gender have no limits — a fantasy world created for epic battles to be fought in public places. 

All that excitement can work up an appetite. Why not take a lunch break and enjoy a swift chase for food with Elliot Golan? Join him as he follows a group of childhood friends and a growing phenomenon that helps escape conventional fast food chains.

But don’t fill up too much. Victor Stephen Kamont hurls you into a gym where escaping deadly grips and maneuvers have become a growing trend.

Musician and photographer Amber-Rose describes her love for music and its ability to ease the stress of everyday troubles. Using a series of pictures, she depicts moments in music that have found themselves engraved in her mind.

Time is of the essence, and while some may limit entertainment to a single moment in time, Tyler McGee tells readers about a place where time has only changed the form of diversion. The Reseda Country Club has stories from different eras in which people have found a variety of methods to escape their normal lives — including music, fighting and most recently, religion.

As the time portal closes, you are jolted back to a reality where life isn’t fair and quite often people are forced to make an escape. Helen Ramirez tells the story of a young woman who, amidst a chaotic and discouraging world of abuse, has begun to take the steps necessary to carry on.

Finally, Adrian Herrera helps ease us back into society, the world where very few can survive without tablet computers, social networking and smart phones. We thank you for joining us through this voyage and hope that perhaps the stories here will inspire you to venture out on your own journeys.

If you should feel you need more escape, we more than welcome you to visit thebullmagazine.net for reviews, multimedia and more extras.

(Natalie Yemenidjian)