If you post on Meetup.com, they will come

My search for the prefect Brony was going no where fast. I had walked around campus and found guys who would point and accuse each other like if it was some kind of sickness.

“I’m not, but you know who is…” I would constantly hear that from guys who I would approach.  Either that or “No! I’m not a Brony, but I’ve seen a few shows and I get it. “

A fellow writer said I should post on Reditt or Craigslist.  I was hesitant but I was giving up hope. I shared my frustration during a staff meeting and the idea of meetup.com was mentioned.

What did I have to lose?

Sure enough, there was “meetup” at the local mall, so off I went.

To be honest…journalism has taken me a lot of strange places: court houses where I chased an attorney for a quote, a bridal expo looking for a newly engaged couple who were going to agree to a prenuptial agreement, and countless meetings. BUT  for some reason I was nervous.

I recognized them instantly.  A group of three people one of which had a pony hat and in the middle of the table a pink stuffed pony with fangs. A type of hybrid vampire pony.

I introduced myself and explained that I was looking for a Brony and that I had found the meetup online. At first everyone seemed hesitant but as time went on and other people started to join us they were more open.

They shared stories and ideas about the six main ponies. As I observed them I saw how they had such passion for the show and how they talked about them like they were real people.

I learned more about the show and the Brony culture in how they treated me, a “non Brony” and each other.

I also met some interesting people.

Learn more about them next week.

Later days <3