Salvador Fariaz

Visually moving movies to watch

The moment the lights start to dim and the chatter around you begins to simmer down, you are at the mercy of the silver screen. Movies are an enormous part of the entertainment industry and can bring much joy to people. I remember going to see Disney’s Tarzan when I was a kid and I […]

 Skylar Lester

Skylar’s top ten 2016 albums

 Beyoncé – Lemonade April 23, 2016 Lemonade is the second visual album and sixth solo album released by singer-songwriter, actress, and dancer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. The surprise album, which released in April of 2016, is an emotional outpour that explicitly tackles the theme of infidelity. If on her previous album, Bey and Jay were “drunk in […]

 Shir Nakash

MusicAli Speaking

MusicAli Speaking

The sound of seventeen carefully blended voices fills the room in a swelling crescendo as the cohesive group of UCLA students concentrates on executing the songs they’ve spent more than one hundred hours rehearsing. One soprano with shiny dark hair and a powerful falsetto stands out among the assembly. Ali Hepps is a 19-year-old student […]

 David Hawkins

Welcome to the Cabaret

Welcome to the Cabaret

Hands moving in a fluid like motion and gracefully fluttering fingers displaying a flurry of emotions visually telling a story. American Sign Language Cabaret also known as ASL Cabaret is a variety show produced by Mona Jean Cedar and Jo-Ann Dean. Mona Jean Cedar said, “ASL Cabaret has already exceeded my expectations. We started three […]

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