Monday, February 17, 2020

Behind the Scenes: Dog Agility

The Bull is a student-run publication at Pierce College. Writer, Morgan McNair explores how different dog owners interact with their pups.

Pierce Photo Salon

Pierce College photo salon hosted in the campus library.

Fantastic Oddities Performers of Le Petit Cirque discuss their art.

Rufio the Warrior

Jose Juan Vasquez, also known as Rufio, is 26-year-old former Marine who came back from war and found himself inspired by the freedom of motorcycle culture. Inspired by bikers, Rufio plans on creating a motorcycle museum. Video by Giuliana Orlandoni

Cal Poly’s Design Village Competition

Architecture students from colleges across California gather at Cal Poly's Design Village to show off their design skills.

Castillo Mexican Restaurant

Filmed & Edited by John Gutierrez

Carroll Righter Astrological Foundation

Multimedia by, Chelsea Westman

#Slutwalk Downtown Los Angeles 2017


Tattoos: Man on the street

When first impressions mean everything, what adversities do tattoos fabricate?

Halloween Night at the Redwood Bar

Multimedia by Kevin Lendio