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 Katherine Wilson

Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

The afternoon sun is high, the breeze strong, creating a scenic and relaxing atmosphere in the Fine Arts Plaza at Pierce College. Art history professor, Ramela Abbamontian, sits at a bench  in the middle of native Californian plants and metal sculptures, a mauve puffer jacket protecting her from the wind. Her eyes are bright, glancing […]

 Shir Nakash

Seeing Pierce through Varozian-colored glasses

It’s been said that some of the hardest workers one will ever find in a production are the ones working behind the scenes. The saying couldn’t be truer of Shant Varozian, who works as an administrative aide in Pierce College’s office of Academic Affairs. Varozian first came to Pierce in 2004 as a student. He […]

 Vanessa Arredondo

Knowledge lights the way

Perhaps you missed his office because it was obscured behind a brick wall with a sign reading Platform 9 3/4. Maybe you weren’t looking for a train station leading to a magical institution, but the entrance to English instructor Mickey Harrison’s office bears an uncanny resemblance to the place. Harrison has only been a full-time […]

 Tanya Castaneda

Coach to Cubs scout

Chicago native Bob Lofrano sits in his office in the North Gym, leisurely typing player reports for current and prospective MLB athletes. With his tan, leathery skin, and his small, wire framed glasses, Lofrano’s eyes are fixed on his computer. Chicago Cubs memorabilia adorn his office as he prepares himself for a busy day, jampacked […]

 Randi Love

From the Tower of Babel

From the Tower of Babel

Professor Christine Ersig-Marcus has been teaching for 20 years, first in Switzerland, then in the United States. Ersig-Marcus was born in Switzerland and learned how to speak Swiss-German from birth. “I make a point of that because Swiss-German can only really be understood by Swiss-German speakers,” Ersig-Marcus said. “For a Swiss person this is a […]

 Amy Au

Media arts hires new instructional assistant

Media arts hires new instructional assistant

The sound of keys jingling in the keyhole of the door to the Roundup can be heard over the chaos and chatter of the newsroom. A tuft of dark brown hair and a pair of searching brown eyes survey the room to see if there’s a class in session. He sits at a computer and […]

 Samantha Bravo

Helping students transfer one step at a time

Helping students transfer one step at a time

Wearing a warm smile framed by primly-styled sandy blonde hair, Norine Fine, 61, waits patiently behind the reception desk for early appointments. Fine is a general counselor in the Transfer Center at Pierce College. Her job is not only to help students find their majors, but also to assist and advise them if they are […]

 Marc Dionne

The Man Behind the Magic

Draped over the crushed red velvet chair with a soft smile playing across his lips, Michael Sande unwinds inside the Pierce Performing Arts Mainstage theater after a chaotic afternoon. As the managing director for the Performing Arts Department at Los Angeles Pierce College, it is his job to make sure that shows goes on without […]

 Jose Herrera

Master of the Copytech Tango

The whirling bands of copy machines, swooshing of papers hot off the printer, and the clicking of a camera are sounds familiar to the workers in CopyTech. The noise of machinery and the brisk melodic rhythms of salsa music drift into the background, and a woman in a jade T-shirt and jungle patterned skirt steps […]

 Hengame Abassi

Mitra Hoshiar

Sunset at the Malibu Beach shore is a dance of color and light. Birds fly in coordination with ocean waves like a window to paradise. The wind conquers the weak waves of late winter and the sun sinks to the ocean. Playful children run away from their parents while trying to reach out to the […]

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