Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Icing on the cake

Who says small business is dead? Stacy Nakamura makes a go of it—her own way.

Charlie hustle

Charlie sits against the wall behind Jerry's Famous Deli in Woodland Hills. He strokes his sandy, gritty white beard as he reads the latest issue of the Los Angeles Times.

The refuge of helping others

Huma Rahimi ushers in students from all around the world for her job in the International Students Program at Pierce College.

From waste to taste

Using items that others throw away might sound unpleasant, but some have adapted the philosophies of the freeganism lifestyle into their lives. Self-proclaimed anarchist students use their beliefs to help others.

Love in the fast lane

Not every person can afford a new car and buying a used car can be risky, but finding a reliable car at a good price is possible.

A dream deferred

The military offers a solid alternative for the unemployed in hard economic times, but with rough challenges. William Melendez helps visualize what being in the military is like in times of war.