Bowl & Burger

Bowl & Burger is one of the last places you’d expect to find good food. Located just off Sherman way and Canoga, it shares a small strip mall with a weed dispensary, a laundromat and a liquor store. Although inconspicuous and hidden away, make no mistake this hole in the wall restaurant is a gem.

The average customer here seems to be a repeat customer and have somewhat of a rapport with the staff, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The establishment contains just the basics, a counter and a handful of tables. There’s no fancy décor or unnecessary obstructions.

The menu is just as simple. Just teriyaki bowls, the burger aspect of the name apparently being greatly exaggerated. Your dish consists of a large styrofoam bowl, practically a trough, filled with either white or fried rice, then your choice of either chicken, beef or a combination of both, topped with green onions, sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. Served with a small salad with Thousand Island dressing. It’s simply delicious. Everything hits just the right note, delivering a symphony of flavor to your taste buds. The dish is a delicate balance between tangy, sweet and savory. You can add Sriracha hot sauce or banana peppers if you want to add a small kick to your food, but these spicy additions do over power the balanced taste of the food and is best suggested to be left on the table.

For drinks you have your choice of the usual Coke products that are a staple of most restaurants. There are no alcoholic beverages or specialty drinks offered. (Bring your own)

The only down side to Bowl & Burger is the price range. For an individual it will be roughly ten dollars. Which is a little high for one person. Especially for a financially struggling college student, or the common tight fisted working man in today’s economic climate. But on the other hand it’s not unreasonable and well worth the price considering the portion and quality of food you’re getting.

Bowl & Burger is a treat, although not located in the best part of town, relatively, and a little on the pricey end. It is highly recommend to anyone looking for a good meal. It tastes as though actual effort was put into making your food, which is a welcome change from the usual half-assed quality of fast food in town. It’s one of those places you show off to your friends to show what a savvy, down to earth, local you are, with a good taste for quality food. Don’t pass it up, it’s one of the best bowls in town.
Located : 21315 Saticoy St, Los Angeles, CA 91304

Price Range: $ 8-12

Take out available: no delivery

Phone number: (818) 347-0776

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